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EOS 100

EOS100 is a 100 percent fermentable, water-mixable vegetable oil-based organic substrate that provides a lasting source of carbon for enhanced in-situ anaerobic bioremediation. EOS100 ships as a concentrate and readily mixes with water on a project site. Compared to our existing emulsified oil products, this new formulation is tailored to provide optimal oil retention in high K aquifers and soils with characteristically low oil retention such as fractured bedrock and sandy aquifers. 


    Air Cycle

    The Bulb Eater 3 with Intelli Technology

    The Bulb Eater® 3 with Intelli Technology

    The Bulb Eater® 3 with Intelli Technology:
    The next generation Bulb Eater crushes straight, u-tube, and CFL lamps in a single machine! Intelli Technology onboard controls feature multiple sensing points for machine diagnostics and maintenance, and an LCD control panel for easy operating. The Bulb Eater 3 uses a new 5-stage filtration system and is OSHA & ACGIH compliant. Save up to 50% on recycling costs, reducing labor related costs and required storage space!

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    Air Cycle Corporation

      The Witte Company

      The remote desktop capability allows process engineers to start and stop batch and continuous operations, adjust their parameters, and check process conditions such as air temperature, airstream velocity, and retention time in real time while away from the processing line.

      Remote Monitoring/Control of Fluid Bed Dryers, Dewaterers

      The Witte Company

      Process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co. has unveiled remote monitoring and control on its line of vibrating fluid bed dryers, coolers, dewaterers, pellet classifiers, conveyors, and other equipment. Controlled remotely with a dedicated PLC HMI, the remote desktop capability allows process engineers to start and stop batch and continuous operations, adjust their parameters, and check process conditions such as air temperature, airstream velocity, and retention time in real time while away from the processing line. This is ideal for water/wastewater, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, and other processors with multiple facilities worldwide and/or those operating in controlled environments.


        Bionomic Industries, Inc.




        Bionomic Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of proven air pollution abatement, product, and heat recovery technologies, has announced the first major breakthrough NOx control chemistry for a wide range of scrubber system operations and applications.

        Unlike typical NOx sulfide/caustic control chemistry, low toxicity BIONOxSOLVER will not liberate flammable and dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas at pH use conditions and its special proprietary formulation of powerful nitrogen dioxide reducing agents can achieve over 33% greater removal efficiency with a simple addition to caustic.

        Typical applications include removal of nitrogen dioxide emissions from catalyst calcining and preparation, precious metals dissolving, acid dipping and pickling of metals, silicon wafer and circuit board etching, nitrite and nitrate chemical production, medicinal production, nitric acid storage and purging, and nitrogen dioxide removal.


          LiteEarth Capping System

          LiteEarth Capping System

          LiteEarth is an impermeable capping system for the long-term cover of landfills, coal ash, gypsum deposits, and land reclamation projects. LiteEarth utilizes proven components and design to save money, resources, time and the environment. The system permanently combines the latest synthetic turf with EPDM geomembrane into a lightweight, single-ply composite. The impermeable EPDM membrane offers flexibility and durability to resist cracking and easily conform to the terrain.

          Synthetic grass provides natural looking cover 24/7/365 days a year, and eliminates costly and environmentally damaging fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and mower exhausts required for natural grass maintenance. The composite is delivered to project site in pre-manufactured size and length specifications, and only layout, positioning, and seaming is necessary on site. This patent pending system is the only EPDM-synthetic grass composite of its kind.




            The FracMAG is a self-sustaining electromagnetic water meter assembly. With the sudden boom of hydraulic fracturing operations taking place, oil & gas companies have the responsibility to measure and regulate their water usage. Typical fracturing operations occur in isolated and barren regions where electricity and water are in short supply; the FracMAG does not require the contractor to supply it with AC power because it can be powered with ParkUSA’s solar package option or with a lithium battery pack option, providing 3-6 years of power.

              Forston Labs

              MultiCal ISE

              The Multi-Cal ISE system allows the user to store multiple calibration ranges in the laboratory and then retrieve them for use as needed in the field. The Multi-Cal kit provides from two to four calibration ranges and the LabNavigator monitors up to four ISE's simultaneously. The handheld LabNavigator with Multi-Cal for ISE provide multi-range, immediate, spot-on, field chemical analysis. Multi-Cal kits are available for Nitrate, Ammonium, pH, Calcium, and Chloride with others on request.

                New Pig Corp.

                Drumm Containment Bag

                Drum Containment Bag

                The PIG Drum Containment Bag is UN-rated for solid hazardous materials shipments and helps facilities comply with shipping and storage regulations. It features 6,000 pound capacity lifting straps that support a fully loaded 55-gallon drum. Its puncture-resistant, PVC-coated shell clips shut to keep rainwater out and an abrasion-resistant bottom provides enough toughness to be dragged across gravel and other rough surfaces. A removable poly liner contains leaks and drips inside of the bag and can be cleaned and re-used, saving money and minimizing waste.


                  Cortec Corporation

                  EcoOcean: A Bio-based Film Product for Marine, Anaerobic Digestion Markets

                  EcoOcean is a biobased film product for marine and anaerobic digestion markets. Developed by Cortec Corp, EcoOcean is both flexible and durable. Developed from extrusion plants, the bioplastic offers commercial and low-temperature backyard compostability. It contains 77 percent renewable raw material content and it allows rapid aerobic biodegration naturally and safely. In anaerobic digestion systems or methane producing landfills, the films rapidly breakdown in15 days. EcoOcean is available in 70 countries.

                    Control Co.

                    Control Pen

                    Control Pen

                    Control Company's new Counter Pen is a combination marker and digital counter designed for the lab and plant. Each time a black mark is made with the felt-tipped pen, it automatically sounds a beep, and LCD displays the counts. Use it to count cell growth on petri dishes, inventory parts, and tally samples received.

                      Dürr Environmental Inc.


                      Energy Saving Option

                      The Heat Storage Shutdown (HSS) mode, developed by the Environmental and Energy Systems division of Dürr Systems, optimizes the energy savings from almost any off-production regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). The HSS mode enables the RTO fan and burner to be shut down while the unit stores its remaining heat energy in the combustion chamber and retains an elevated temperature from which to return to production ready status.

                        Anguil Environmental Systems


                        Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer

                        The Anguil Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer destroys air toxins and volatile organic compounds that are emitted in industrial process exhausts. The product recycles released energy and converts volatile organic compounds to carbon dioxide and water vapor. The unit’s flow valve directs gas into an energy recovery chamber, which preheats the process stream. Volatile organic compounds are then oxidized across the catalyst, releasing energy in the second stoneware bed. PLC-based electronics automatically control all aspects of the system’s operation.

                          Enviance Inc.


                          Compliance Management Software

                          Enviance software provides a central management system that allows users to track and report initiatives for environmental regulatory compliance. The product is designed to help users manage a large body of disparate data, including air, greenhouse gases, water, waste, and health and safety. The software generates regulatory reports, tracks regulatory limits, compares emissions and operating parameters against defined limits, and automates compliance calendars with workflows.

                            Air Cycle Corp.


                            Fluorescent Lamp Crusher

                            Air Cycle’s Bulb Eater is designed to crush spent fluorescent lamps of any length into recyclable material. The system is mounted to a 55-gallon container and can hold up to 1,350 4-foot fluorescent lamps. The unit is equipped with a side-mounted dust filter, a safety control panel, and a carbon filter, which captures and neutralizes the mercury vapor released from the lamps during crushing. The product is EPA and OSHA compliant.

                              Anguil Environmental Systems


                              Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

                              The Anguil Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is designed to eliminate air pollutants, volatile organic compounds and odorous emissions that are discharged in industrial process exhausts. The system achieves emission destruction through the process of catalytic oxidation, which converts pollutants to carbon dioxide and water vapor. The unit’s poppet valves alternate the airflow direction into media, in order to maximize energy recovery within the oxidizer and reduce auxiliary fuel requirements.

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