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  • Thompson Pump and Mfg

Thompson Pump and Mfg.

Electric Pump

Thompson Pump’s 4JSVC-EBS-40 heavy-duty electric driven pump eliminates product blow-by. The unit offers large solids handling capabilities, ideal flows of 1,175 gallons per minute and high heads to 150 feet. The pump is designed for bypass and construction dewatering applications.

    Thompson Pump and Mfg.

    Trash and Sewage Pump

    Thompson Pump’s 8TSC 8-inch multipurpose Enviroprime trash/sewage pump provides flows up to 2,600 gallons per minute and heads up to160 feet. The pump case can clean debris from the impeller or repair wear items in the pump. The priming system prevents product blow-by from being discharged onto the ground or through hoses.

      Thompson Pump and Mfg.

      Pump Noise Reduction

      Thompson Pump offers quiet confidence with its Silent Knight® sound attenuated pump series. The Silent Knight® canopy lowers noise levels to 70 decibels or less from only 7 meters and encloses the entire pump in a lockable case. The Silent Knight® series offer easily serviceable areas including doors that allow access to pump components for maintenance without disconnecting the suction piping, weather resistant hardware, and insulation with moisture barriers. This noise-reducing canopy is available on nearly every one of the company's pumps and can be added to existing models in the field.

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