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Photovac, Inc.


Ethanol Leak Detection

Photovac’s 2020ComboPRO uses photoionization detection technology to detect ethanol leaks in fuel ethanol plants. The measurement of ethanol leaks in fuel ethanol production facilities is essential for compliance with the air quality operating permit requirements of NSPS Subpart VV. A large digital display prompts the operator through basic operations, and critical data is displayed in less than three seconds. It boasts a wide measurement range of 0.1 ppm to 10,000 ppm, and alarms alert the operator when pre-defined limits are exceeded.

    Photovac, Inc.


    Flame Ionization Detector

    Photovac Inc.’s DataFID flame ionization detector features a built-in Bluetooth device to transfer data wirelessly to a PDA or computer. A metal hydride hydrogen fuel cylinder supplies up to 70 hours of continuous use. The hydrogen cylinder is UN3468 classified. An optional supplemental air tank provides readings in high concentration environments up to 100,000 ppm and in oxygen deprived locations such as high altitudes. The DataFID exceeds the requirements of EPA Method 21 for fugitive emissions.

      Photovac, Inc.

      Diacetyl Monitor

      The Voyager portable gas chromatograph now can measure diacetyl, an artificial flavoring used in popcorn, chips, and candies to provide a buttery taste. The flavoring has been linked to the development of bronchiolitis obliterans, an irreversible lung disease. The Voyager portable gas chromatograph provides accurate, low-level measurements with results provided on-site for immediate review. The unit also has datalogging capability.

        Photovac, Inc.

        PetroPRO for BTEX

        Photovac, Inc., the manufacturer of premium instruments for volatile organic compound analysis in air, soil, and groundwater, has introduced the PetroPRO for the detection of BTEX compounds.

        The measurement of BTEX compounds (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene) is critical to maintain compliance with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations. The intrinsically safe PetroPRO provides real-time measurements and, with its gas chromatography-based technology, it offers unsurpassed accuracy with the lowest detection limits available in a portable instrument. The PetroPRO is easy to operate, thereby minimizing training time. With the simple push of a button, the PetroPRO runs through the BTEX analysis and provides quick results.

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