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Farr Air Pollution Control

Dust Collector

Farr’s Gold Series GS4M Mini dust collector controls emissions from small airflow applications up to 2,000 cfm. The collector is a pre-wired unit with a low-noise fan (less than 70 dB), controls, motor starter, filters and cleaning system. It contains four HemiPleat® flame-retardant filter cartridges with 788 square feet of media. The automatic, reverse-pulse cleaning system is activated by an on-demand control panel. A safety monitoring filter is included to allow recirculation of the filtered air downstream for energy savings.

    Farr Air Pollution Control

    Indoor Filter

    The HemiPleat™ high efficiency filter from Farr Air Pollution Control offers a MERV 15 efficiency rating and up to twice the service life and half the pressure drop of standard dust collector cartridge filters. Available in sizes to fit any cartridge collector, the filter media can be used to capture toxic and other ultra-fine dusts and in applications where process air is recirculated downstream of the collector for energy savings.

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