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Casella USA

TUFF Air Sampling Pumps

Casella CEL offers its TUFF line of personal air sampling pumps that feature a sealed case with over-molding that protects it from damaging moisture, extreme temperatures, solvents, and impact. Pumps possess a flow range from 5 ml/min to 4.5 l/min, and incorporate a double-acting diaphragm mechanism with digital control. Pump operation is guided by an intuitive user interface displaying real-time flow, sampled volume with run duration, a simple battery "fuel gauge" and alarm for flow or battery fault conditions. Typical run times of more than 30 hours (depending on media and flow rate) and meet applicable NIOSH and EN requirements.

    Casella USA


    Noise Dosimeter

    Casella USA’s CEL-320 noise dosimeter covers three measurement ranges from 30 to 140 dB to ANSI type 2 specifications. Overall results for the maximum, minimum and average noise levels are saved together with the ability to set two threshold cutoff levels and a single criterion level for all noise dose calculations. The dosimeters are available in single kits that include an acoustic calibrator, a small foam windscreen, Windows software and a cable. Multiple kits are also available in 5 or 10 packs.

      Casella USA

      Portable Monitoring Station

      The Nomad portable data-logging weather station by Casella USA monitors wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point and rainfall. A built-in solar panel supplies power and allows the device to run continuously in remote environments. The system’s data-logger has 512 K of internal memory and on-board data display. Users can communicate with the station via laptop, telephone or radio modem. The aluminum-based Nomad system weighs less than 30 lbs. and is supplied in three customized carrying bags.

        Casella USA

        Air Sampling Pumps

        The TUFF™ line of personal air sampling pumps from Casella USA features a sealed case with rubber over-molding that protects internal electronics from moisture, extreme temperatures, solvents, and impact. Offering a flow range from 5 ml/min to 4.5 l/min, the three pumps that comprise the new line are suited to occupational health applications such as simple abatement sampling or specialized industrial hygiene monitoring of dusts, fumes, and vapors. All pumps incorporate a double-acting diaphragm pump mechanism with precise digital control, providing real-time flow control and stability.

          Casella USA

          The Perfect Noise Dosimeter

          The all-new CEL-350 is a completely new departure from the conventional personal noise dosimeter. With no cables to snag on the operator, the wireless badge style unit is the perfect instrument for the busy safety practitioner. With nothing to setup beforehand and measurements of all the necessary noise exposure parameters, the CEL dBagde is very easy to use. It is provided in kit form with up to a dozen dBadges and all accessories, including the new dB35 database software. Go to www.noisebadge.com for full details.

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