AC Use OK Only Behind Closed Doors

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has signed a bill that tells commercial businesses to close their doors when the air conditioning is on.

That seems like common sense to me, but I live in Texas.

A press release from Bloomberg's office on Sept. 3 noted that Introductory Number 264-A, with 21 Council sponsors, is consistent with the city's goals to reduce energy consumption and summer peak load demand. Exempt from the new law are sidewalk cafes and establishments less than 4,000 square feet that are not part of a chain.

I understand the value of regulations but this one leaves me nonplussed. What is this rule based on? Seeking some clarification, I called Bloomberg's press office but never got a call back.

Do YOU have any idea how many commercial businesses in the city leave their doors open when the AC is on? Who's going to police the offenders? Shouldn't there be a similar restriction for peak heating season?

Does anyone else encounter this type of mind-boggling law in the name of saving energy and/lowering our carbon dioxide emissions? Please share them, so we can all have a laugh in these uncertain times.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Sep 29, 2008

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