EPA Itemizes ARRA Awards for Water Infrastructure

Iowa, American Samoa, Hawaii, Utah, and Texas will receive funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for wastewater, drinking water, and water quality management projects.

The Interstate Training Advantage

The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission has shown that there are advantages to approaching the need for training, and the ways to meet that need, from a regional perspective.

EPA-led Committee to Expand Help with Chesapeake Cleanup

The agency will manage new plans by a team of seven federal agencies.

UN Report Urges Northeast Asia to Use Water Wisely

The United Nations' Environment Programme found that five major river basins have suffered from scarce water resources.

Texas A&M: Sediments May Hold Clues for Land Use Change

Texas-based researchers have studied sediments from the Mississippi, Yellow, and Yangtze River deltas and say they contain information on changes in nitrogen application in the drainage basins as well as flooding and hurricane events.

Paper Mill-Stream Study Reports Initial Findings

The eight-year study may help pulp and paper mill companies refine their environmental strategies.

Milwaukee 7 Water Council Briefing

Since the Water Council opened, 10 major water companies have moved large portions of their operations to Milwaukee to join the five major water companies that are home-grown. The number of water-related industries has risen from 150 companies to 250 companies in 5 years. Green jobs, most involving water, have increased 25% and have raised Milwaukee’s standard of living. Milwaukee’s water economy and its power to draw water industries are being called the “Blue Gold Rush.”

New Partners to Engage Public on Lawn Care near Great Lakes

The Alliance for the Great Lakes and Scotts Miracle-Gro have initiated a public education campaign on lawn care to enhance water quality.