Environmental Protection


Volunteers Sample Kentucky Loading to Ohio River

ORSANCO provided the lab to analyze the nutrient loadings to the Ohio River.

NGWA Slates Fractured Rock Settings Short Course

A National Ground Water Association course explains the hydrology of coupled groundwater/surface water systems in fractured rock settings.

NOAA Gives $1.5 M to Improve Salmon Habitat

Cooperative watershed stakeholders receive stimulus funding for rain catchment tanks, vegetation, and other restoration activities in Bodega, Calif.

Rain, Manure Application Timing Affect Carbon Losses

Purdue University study measured drainflow and solute losses from agricultural practices over a six year span.

Study: Low Flow in Apalachicola May Hurt Gulf Fish

Florida State University research found that the concentration of phytoplankton decreased over a large area of the continental shelf where reef fish spawn.

Westlands Sues, Wants NMFS to Prepare EIS for Salmon

Westlands Water District joined 29 other public water agencies that argued the National Marine Fisheries Service should have prepared an environmental impact statement before issuing a salmon recovery plan.

Pesticide Appliers Will Need CWA Permits in 2011

Pesticide residuals are regulated as pollutants under the Clean Water Act, but appliers will not need permits until after April 9, 2011, the court said.

Aquascape Sets Extreme Green Makeover

Residents of the Lakes of Bliss Woods in Sugar Grove, Ill., will benefit when contractors green their neighborhood July 17-18.

Wisconsin Will Modernize Shoreland Protection Rules

The changes should improve lake and stream protection and give property owners more flexibility.

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