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GE Evaporation Technology Selected to Maximize Water Reuse

MEG Energy Corp. has chosen GE’s evaporator systems to help conserve water and reduce operational costs at MEG’s Christina Lake Project in Alberta, Canada.

25 Grants Approved for Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion in Pennsylvania

More than $7 million in Act 13 funding has been awarded by Governor Tom Corbett for 25 companies and organizations that are making the switch to natural gas for their heavy-duty fleet vehicles.

The six shipwreck sites are located relatively near the Macondo well site that caused the 2010 oil spill.

New Study Probes Gulf Oil Spill's Impact

A research team is examining how oil spilled after the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion is affecting organisms living on six shipwrecks located near the Macondo well site.

Disaster Response Architect Wins 2014 Pritzker Prize

Shigeru Ban, 56, has designed lasting structures after the Kobe earthquake and the Rwanda genocide, and he founded the Voluntary Architects' Network to respond to disasters worldwide.

NTSB Investigating Houston Ship Channel Collision

An undetermined amount of bunker fuel oil spilled after a bulk cargo vessel collided with a barge under tow March 22.

Emissions Reductions Agreed for Texas Chemical Plant

"We are pleased to have worked cooperatively with the EPA to reach an agreement that benefits area residents and appreciate EPA's commitment to identifying community projects with local support that will provide for additional emissions reductions in the area," said Phil Gaarder, vice president of operations for Flint Hills Resources.

All over the world farmers are using innovative practices to utilize water more efficiently and in lesser quantities to produce more nutritious.

More Crop Per Drop

This Saturday, March 22nd, the world celebrates World Water Day. Water and agriculture are inextricably interlinked and interdependent. Agriculture is a major user of both ground and surface water for irrigation—accounting for about 70 percent of water withdrawal worldwide.

State Agency Cites Duke Energy for Wastewater Permit Violations

The company pumped an estimated 61 million gallons of wastewater from two coal ash impoundments at its Cape Fear Steam Electric Plant into a tributary of the Cape Fear River, DENR reported.


Are You Being Greenwashed?

The ins and outs of eco-friendly, green labeling and advertising on products.

The EPA has issued an order to the U.S. to remove 15 million pounds of explosives and propellant that are currently stored at Camp Minden in Minden, La.

EPA Orders Army to Remove Illegally Stored Explosives

The EPA has issued an order to the U.S. Army to remove 15 million pounds of explosives and propellant that are currently stored at Camp Minden in Minden, La.

Australia Unwraps National Plan for Maritime Emergency Response

The plan lays out cooperative arrangements between governments and industry to respond to maritime spills and shipping casualty incidents.

Maria Damanaki, the European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, praised the EU

EU Commissioner: Address Overfishing Globally

Maria Damanaki, the European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, said the EU's "zero tolerance against illegal fishing" is succeeding, and 27 stocks in the North Sea and Atlantic are being fished sustainably this year.

Lloyd's Working on Arctic Ice Regime

The region's "extreme and fast changing risks" call for it to support IMO's Polar Code, which would set safety and environmental standards for ships operating in those waters.

Congress Passes Bill Delaying Flood Insurance Reforms

H.R. 3370 is the bill both the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed to delay the impact of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.

West Virginia Agency Approves Freedom Industries' Tank Removal Plan

The plan calls for Tank 396, which leaked 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) and PPH into the Elk River in January 2014, contaminating the potable water supply for 300,000 West Virginians, to be cleaned and sandblasted. The Chemical Safety Board will retain the floor section of the tank.

BP Clears Up U.S. Contracting Ban

BP is once again eligible to enter into new contracts with the U.S. government, including new deepwater leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

Smarter Nutrient Management for Water Utilities Examined

A new study explores how better nutrient management in wastewater treatment facilities can help overcome the strain put on the water utility sector caused by urbanization and agriculture.

GE Develops 'Space Frame' Wind Tower

The design wraps a fiberglass coat around a metal latticework. It will allow customers to "go taller in new locations," said Cliff Harris, general manager of GE's Renewable Energy business in Europe.

Grazing animals, such as pronghorns, may be able to restore biodiversity, according to a new study.

Biodiversity in Grasslands Restored by Grazing Animals

A new study of grasslands suggests a way to counteract the human-made overdose of fertilizer that threatens to permanently alter the biodiversity of the world’s native prairies.

Bechtel-Led Consortium Resumes Role at Pantex, Oak Ridge

Consolidated Nuclear Security—whose members are Bechtel National, Inc., Lockheed Martin Services, Inc., ATK Launch Systems Inc., SOC LLC, and Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.as a teaming subcontractor—will manage the operations. The two facilities maintain the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile.

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