Waste Minimization

EREF Issues RFP for Sustainable Solid Waste Management Research

Applicants have until Jan. 8, 2011 to submit their proposals.

free book

15 Profiles Show How Material Reuse Can Change Construction

The “Design for Reuse Primer,” a free e-book, looks at the untapped potential of material reuse through the perspectives of the architects, contractors, and clients committed to its use.


A Re-think on Fly Ash Ponds in India

Bioremediation of ash ponds has the potential to reclaim the contaminated environment and return it to a more natural condition.

Elephant in mud

Getting the Elephant Out of the Mud

Sustainability initiatives require a clear, steadfast plan.

McDonald to Help NACF in Gulf Spill Cleanup Effort

National Clean Fuels will help separate oil from contaminated water in the Gulf of Mexico with the help of newly engaged environmentalist Norris McDonald.

Some SCR Systems Not Controlling NOx, Navistar Says

Selective catalytic reduction may not be working effectively, according to tests by EnSIGHT, an environmental consulting firm.

Dow, Merck, Clarke Win Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

EPA recognizes pioneering chemical technologies that produce alcohols from carbon dioxide as well as processes for producing propylene oxide, sitagliptin and expanding the application of spinosad

U.S. Conference of Mayors Adopts Producer Responsibility Resolution

Mayors from California, Washington, Massachusetts, Arkansas, and Texas signed the resolution.

TCEQ Names Environmental Excellence Winners

Texas Lehigh Cement Company, Oncor Electric, and Phoenix Commotion earn the Texas Environmental Excellence Award for 2010.

California State University Recycles 71% for RecycleMania Contest

The 10-week challenge, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, engaged students at 607 colleges and universities to vie for the national reduce, reuse, and recycle title.

EPA Signs Sustainability Pact with Hartz Mountain Industries

N.J. real estate developer plans to cut energy and water use on its properties across the state.

EPA Recognizes 71 Partners for Reducing Waste, Chemicals

2009 WasteWise and NPEP partners reported they eliminated or recycled 11 million tons of material.

European Users Accept No-Mix Toilets

Survey of 2,700 people in seven European countries found that about 80 percent of users support the idea of the technology that may provide environmental benefits.

Suffolk University Wins Gold for Waste Reduction, Recycling Education

Since 2006, the university has informed its employees about environmental initiatives and opportunities for involvement and now is focused on making waste reduction and recycling a habit.

Green Chemists Pull Out Catalysts for Reuse

McGill University chemists developed a catalyst that involves the nanoparticles of a simple iron magnet.

Green Office Challenge Program Expanding

ICLEI developed a program that pits property managers and office tenants in a friendly competition to lower energy use and waste and save water.

OSWER Sets Recycling Video Town Hall

The second video town hall meeting of the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response will be from 1:30 to 3 p.m. EST on Feb. 23.