DuPont, Lucite Agree to Pay $2 M for Clean Air Violations

A sulfuric acid plant in West Virginia is the focus of the companies' settlement agreement with EPA and the Justice Department.

Invista Self-reports Violations at Former DuPont Facilities

The company will pay a $1.7 million penalty and spend millions to correct violations in seven states that were found after Invista took ownership of the DuPont facilities.

EPA Adds 9 Sites to National Priorities List

The nine hazardous wastes sites are located in seven states, and an additional 13 sites in 12 states are being considered for the National Priorities List.

Deleon Added to Fugitives Web Site

Albania Deleon, an asbestos removal training company president, did not appear for her sentencing hearing and was placed on the EPA's wanted list.

Justice Sues BPXA for Oil Spills, Asbestos Violations

BPXA allegedly spilled crude oil on the North Slope of Alaska, bringing a lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Bill Would Certify Consultants, Speed N.J. Site Cleanups

About 20,000 sites in New Jersey are in need of remediation before they can be developed and a new bill should speed up that process.

SPCC Rule Changes Now Effective in 2010

January 14 is the date by which new amendments to the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure regulations become effective.

Real Estate Firms Fail to Follow Lead Paint Disclosure Rule

A real estate company and property owners will pay a penalty and more than $2 million in lead paint abatement work in Massachusetts and Connecticut.


Superfund Follies Part II

Through 2005, Superfund, has resulted in the expenditure of more than $35 billion in federal funds and an unknown amount of private funds.