Agency Reaches Settlement for Sutton Brook Disposal Area

Twenty of 49 potentially responsible parties will now have to contribute funds for the cleanup of the Sutton Brook Disposal Area Superfund Site.

Settlements Bring Funds for Old Southington Landfill Cleanup

Southington, Conn., GenCorp., Kraft Foods, Shell Oil Co., and United Technologies Corp. will pay millions to ensure protections from contaminated groundwater at the Superfund site; 86 other parties also will contribute.

Feds Get $1.79 B from ASARCO to Clean Up Mining Sites

Federal agencies win largest bankruptcy settlement in U.S. history and plan to use funds to clean and restore sites contaminated by ASARCO mining operations in 19 states.

Navy Returned to Drawing Board for Jackson Park Cleanup

EPA assessed a penalty for the U.S. Navy's failure to consider the full range of cleanup options for discarded military munitions within the Jackson Park Housing Complex Superfund Site in Washington.

EPA to Update Imperial Oil Site Progress after ARRA Infusion

Cleanup project gets $25 million in stimulus to speed remediation of contaminated soil.

Cleanup Cost for Idaho Superfund Site Set at $12 M

EPA has ordered Carney Products Co., B.J. Carney & Co., and the City of St. Maries, Idaho to remediate the site using thermal treatment and excavation.

Final Amendments Set to SPCC Rule

Amendments to the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure rule clarify exclusions and exemptions.

EPA Orders Oregon Ranch Owner to Finish Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Dennis Beetham and D.B. Western will be liable for the cleanup of hazardous waste at the ranch ─ whether he does it or the feds do, EPA says.

12 Approaches to Clean up World's Worst Pollution

Blacksmith Institute report highlights top 12 cleanups and successes from around the world.

EPA Seeks Comments on Dioxin Cleanup Goal

The Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response is reconsidering the remediation goals based on the latest science.

$1.8 M in Stimulus Goes to Brownfields' Jobs

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control is distributing funds to help clean up lead contaminated property, creating jobs in the process.

Surfrider Foundation Argues for Public Access in Brief

The case, between beach front property owners and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, is expected to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in December.

EPA Provides Best Practices for Meth Lab Cleanup

State and local governments now have technical guidance in the form of voluntary guidelines to remediate methamphetamine laboratories.

Wyoming Group: Drilling Contamination Puts Water at Risk

Residents of Clark, Wyo., are concerned that Windsor Energy Group LLC may not voluntarily clean up contamination left from a gas blowout.

Virgin Islands Get $57,000 in Stimulus for Fixing Petroleum Leaks

The funds will be used to assess and clean up leaks from underground petroleum storage tanks.