Advanced Clean Technologies Acquires Cleanup Company

Advanced Clean Technologies, Inc. has acquired American Petroleum Solutions, which for more than 15 years has provided environmental remediation services to some of the country's largest petroleum companies.

American Petroleum Solutions uses its proprietary fluidizer, which is a patented, water-based technology that provides for separation of oil from any solid surface such as soil, sand, tank interiors, and equipment. The fluidizer allows oil to be rejected by the solid surface, rendering a clean surface and recoverable oil. In the case of contaminated soils or tank bottom sludge, the fluidizer is applied under high shear conditions to form slurry. This slurry is then pumped to a settling vessel where the solids are separated, dropped by gravity to the bottom of the settling vessel, and the oil floats to the top of the water-based fluidizer layer, for recovery. The fluidizer is then recycled for later use.

Advanced Clean Technologies, Inc. provides remediation solutions to hazardous waste problems.

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