Potable Water

N.J. American Water Pres.: All the Cheap Water Has Been Found

New Jersey’s demand for water challenges an already strained water supply, requiring new sources and those likely will be expensive, said John Bigelow, president of New Jersey American Water.

Trojan Launches Drinking Water System Validated for Full Virus Treatment

Trojan Technologies introduces the first-ever drinking water UV systems validated to fully comply with United States federal regulations for delivering 4-log inactivation of viruses, including the highly resistant adenovirus.

Water Meter

Leading the Way Without Lead

It was evident at AWWA's convention and expo that meter manufacturers have responded in a number of ways to a federal mandate that will ban lead from implements that handle drinking water beginning in 2014.

MIT: Development in Fog Harvesting Provides Water for the Poor

An engineer and aspiring entrepreneur at MIT is working on fog harvesting to attract water droplets and corral the runoff for poor villagers to collect clean water near their homes.

GE Releases Modular Version of its ABMet Wastewater Treatment System

GE has introduced a modular version of the company’s ABMet wastewater treatment system, which uses naturally occurring microbes to reduce the selenium and other metals that can escape from coal mines and power plants and enter U.S. freshwater supplies.

CEO: Signs that U.S. is Using Less Water Are Everywhere

Klaus Reichardt, CEO of Waterless Co., said his conclusion is based on a new book, "The Big Thirst," by Charles Fishman.

Athletes Scale Peaks, Swim Seas to Raise Funds for Clean Oceans, Water

Mitigating damage from environmental problems is a daunting task, especially considering the scope of the project. Despite the great size of the problems facing the environment, the sheer size of these issues can leave those in a position to do a little something about it feeling paralyzed. But for those used to taking on the Earth’s biggest challenges – literally oceans and mountains – pursuing relief after such disasters is all in a day’s work.

Pedal-Powered Boat for Trans-Atlantic Race Comes to Life with Autodesk Digital Prototyping Software

The Project Torpedalo team used Autodesk Digital Prototyping software to design, visualize and simulate the carbon fiber boat that will compete in the Woodvale Challenge Atlantic Rowing Race 2011. The race starts Dec. 4 and follows a course across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to the finish line in Barbados.

Which City In America Has The Best Tasting Tap Water?

The U.S. Conference of Mayors is hosting the preliminary round of the 2011 Best Tasting City Water in America competition on Friday, May 20 at its headquarter office in Washington, D.C.

Consolidated Water Co. Chooses ERI’s Pumps and Devices for Bahamas Desalination Plant Expansion

CWCO selected the devices and pumps based on its experience with them in two previous SWRO projects.

Coca-Cola Helps Advance Water Sustainability Projects in the Pacific Region

The Coca-Cola Company will donate $4 million through its Coca-Cola Foundation to the United Nations Development Program Water Stewardship Program in China and the World Wide Fund for Nature Yangtze Partnership.

Consumers Detect Odd Odors, Tastes in Water Despite Government Guidelines

People are more sensitive to metallic tastes in their water than federal guidelines about taste would suggest.

Dow Water's Australian Installation Wins Desalination Plant of the Year Award

Dow Water & Process Solutions’ seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) facility in Kurnell, Australia, won the Desalination Plant of the Year award, which is given for the most technical achievement in the industry.

Students Recognized For Protecting Drinking Water

EPA recognized three Pennsylvania schools and an individual in the Schuylkill River Watershed for developing educational environmental projects that help protect drinking water.

UL Expands Water Testing Capabilities to Detect Chromium-6

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is now offering municipalities and customers across the country access to its globally recognized testing and certification services to detect Chromium-6, also known as hexavalent chromium, in drinking water supplies.

LEDs Could Replace Mercury Lamps in UV Sterilization Devices

Though they currently require more electricity to emit UV light, LEDs could soon replace mercury lamps in sterilization devices.

Partnerships Offer Innovative Water Filtration Conservation Technologies to the DoD

GreenHouse Holdings Inc. and Seychelle Environmental Technologies Inc. will offer a variety of innovative water filtration and conservation technologies to the Department of Defense.

System Recovers Ethanol from Wastewater Facilities

Using principles of process intensification, the system is designed to process 50 gallons per minute of scrubber water generated from a 50 MM gallon per annum ethanol plant.

Japanese Water Leader to Address Disaster Efforts at ACE11

Yoshihiko Misono, executive director, will tell how the Japan Water Works Association has marshaled utilities to deliver treated drinking water and restore water service to more than 2 million impacted households.

California Lawmakers Seek Statewide Approach to Water Supply

This season will be the first time since 2008 that salmon fishermen will be able to work.