Potable Water

House Bill Directs DOE to Use Water Wisely in Research

The Energy and Water Integration Act passed the House on Dec. 1 and now is being considered by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

California Water Agency to Allocate 5% to Contractors in 2010

Allocation could increase if supply conditions improve, according to the Department of Water Resources.

Water Company Cuts Idling to Lower Truck Emissions

Environmental Defense Fund shares Poland Spring Water Company's success story in a new case study.

60 Groups Call for Shale Gas Drilling Ban in New York

Sustainable Otsego says horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are too dangerous to water supplies and human health.

Clemson Gets Grant for Carbon Sequestration Contamination Study

The research is expected to lead to improved designs for carbon sequestration projects that will protect underground drinking water supplies.

Report: Bhopal Groundwater Contaminated by UCIL Plant

The Bhopal Medical Appeal has compiled data from groundwater aquifer testing and found carbon tetrachloride, as well as other toxic chemicals, at levels that exceed WHO guidelines.

Acumen Funds Pilot Projects for Water Transport and Storage

Pilots will enable organizations in Kenya to test new ideas for delivery and storage of safe water for consumers who lack access.

EPA Issues Caveat Emptor on H1N1 Disinfectants

There are no products registered by EPA for use in residential settings that will disinfect or sterilize the air or a room by fogging. Claims for disinfecting carpeting, drapes, and other porous surfaces are also false, the agency says.

Aqua Pennsylvania Taps Team for Solar Treatment, Transport

Conergy and Sanyo will design, engineer and install a 1.1-MW solar solution, called Ingram's Mill Farm, for water in southeastern Pennsylvania.

ARRA Helps Georgia Fund 7 Water and Sewer Projects

From installing water-conserving toilets to establishing public water systems, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds of almost $3 million are helping to finance upgrades to Georgia community systems.