DEP, PennFuture Halt Strip Mining Permit

PDG Land Development had proposed to dump rocks removed in the mining of Hays Woods, one of Pittsburgh's largest intact green spaces, into the valleys.

Report: Rules Can Resolve Oil Sands Energy, GHGs

The Council on Foreign Relations says prudent greenhouse gas regulations can still allow for robust development of the Canadian oil sands.

Texas A&M: Sediments May Hold Clues for Land Use Change

Texas-based researchers have studied sediments from the Mississippi, Yellow, and Yangtze River deltas and say they contain information on changes in nitrogen application in the drainage basins as well as flooding and hurricane events.


Indirect Land Use Change

Growth Energy shares its perspective on this new biofuels term.

NACD Details Concerns at Annual D.C. Fly-in

Issues concerning chemical distributors include the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, EPA's ChAMP, and railroad obligations.

DOI Invests $280 M in Refuges, Hatcheries

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will use the money in more than 830 projects, including visitor centers, habitat conservation, and wildlife refuges.

Goldman Taps Seven for Annual Environmental Prize

Environmental prize honors grassroots leaders for working to improve the environment.

Storing Ash Safely

Many landfills and retention ponds used to store fly ash are aging, having been designed and constructed as far back as the 1950s using unsophisticated and less rigorous methods than those used today.

EPA Adds 9 Sites to National Priorities List

The nine hazardous wastes sites are located in seven states, and an additional 13 sites in 12 states are being considered for the National Priorities List.