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Commentary: A Bright Idea that Burned Out

The Lamp Section of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association clearly wants to move forward on energy efficiency but is complaining that new legislation will make that more difficult.

Ninth Ward flooding. Photo by Kathy Anderson, LOLA

WEF Starts Conference with New Orleans Community Service Project

This is the third year that the Students and Young Professionals Committee has managed a project in the cities that have hosted the annual conference. This year's project is called "Bioswales in the Bayou" and is designed to stem stormwater flooding in the Ninth Ward.

EPA Sets Sights on Mercury Waste from Dental Offices

The agency says existing technology will be able to capture mercury waste from dental amalgams.

Pennsylvania's Regulatory Program for Hydraulic Fracturing Gets Good Marks

In an independent review, a team found that the Department of Environmental Protection's program for oil and gas wells is well managed and meets its objectives.

International Project Hopes to Build a Better Cookstove

EPA is contributing $6 million to the International Project for Clean Cookstoves in order to help prevent exposure to indoor smoke from cooking fires.

Heinz Awards Recognize 10 for Work on Climate Change, Human Impacts

Photographing glaciers, valuing natural ecosystems, and establishing a seed vault are a few of the innovations created by this year's Heinz Family Foundation awardees.

Court Allows $4.3M Settlement for Indiana Scrap Yard

After three years of litigation, the Evansville Greenway & Remediation Trust will be able to clean up lead and PCBs. Gas and electric and coal companies will be paying the bill.

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The Cost of the 'Water Risk' Component of Climate Change

The Securities and Exchange Commission's guidance on disclosing water risks most likely will increase the costs of doing business.

Koenigsberg Earns AEHS Lifetime Achievement Award

A remediation technology innovator, Stephen Koenigsberg is being recognized for his work in the field, his responsibilities, and volunteerism.

Pickle Spoilage Bacteria May Render Azo Dyes Nonmutagenic

An Agricultural Research Service study found that spoilage Lactobacilli may have an application in treating textile wastewater.

Global Smart Grid Federation Rallies to Overcome Barriers

Using an international collaboration, the newly formed federation will promote best practices and expects to accelerate smart grid deployment around the world.

Black & Veatch White Paper Combines Best Ideas from Roundtables

The consulting firm invited thought leaders to six major conferences and developed recommendations for overcoming barriers to water reuse.

Loeffler to Head Siemens Water Technologies

Lukas Loeffler, who has worked as CEO of Siemens Industry Solutions business unit, will replace Chuck Gordon.

Survey Says Business Leaders Need Sustainability Refresher

University of Wisconsin-Extension said academia must provide greater access to environmental education for adult returning students.

San Diego first responders last year participated in an emergency response scenario exercise.

Training for Disasters

The Alliance for Hazardous Materials Professionals uses emergency response scenarios to train members on the protocols for life-threatening situations.

Emhart Industries Finishes Initial Cleanup at Centredale Manor

The company excavated contaminated soil near and under parts of the Brook Village parking lot in North Providence, R.I., at a cost of about $1.7 million.

SAWS Seeks Innovative Water Supply Project Ideas

Following the request for information, the San Antonio Water System will release a request for proposals on water supply diversification.

Workers have to wear protective gear when removing asbestos

The Asbestos Debacle

The health risk and liabilities of this hazardous substance cost too much to ignore; the best approach is to eliminate the problem.

U.S. Chamber Challenges EPA Action on Texas' Air Authority

A U.S. Chamber of Commerce spokesman said that the federal agency is trying to fix flexible permitting, but the process was not broken.

Groups Settle with National Coal for Reports on Selenium Discharges

Tennessee Clean Water Network, Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment, and the Sierra Club Tennessee Chapter had filed a Clean Water Act lawsuit against the company's discharges from a mountaintop removal mine.