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Green Building

Schneider Electric Forms Green Buildings Segment

Company names Melissa O'Mara vice president of Green Buildings Solutions.

Md. Organization Provides Low-Cost Loans for Home Efficiency Upgrades

The Maryland Clean Energy Center has launched a the new Maryland Home Energy Loan Program, enabling Marylanders to access unsecured, low-cost funds for efficiency upgrades such as better insulation and higher-rated heating and cooling equipment.

Desertscape in New Mexico

Part 4: Prefurbia, Landscaping, and Pad Shaping

This is the fourth installment of a multi-part series on some of today's problems in land development and how innovative methods collectively known as "Prefurbia" can help overcome them.

USGBC Builds LEED App to Accelerate Certification Process

The U.S. Green Building Council has introduced a new program designed to streamline and create capacity for the LEED building certification process. LEED Automation enables LEED Online, the online tool projects use to submit documentation and certify LEED projects, to interact with third-party technology platforms.

How to Earn LEED Success

Ron Sivitz' designed beach house recently won Platinum status from the U.S. Green Building Council. The builder shares tips on how to make your project LEED-worthy.

ASLA winning green roof

ASLA Green Roof Earns Top North American Design Honor

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will present the American Society of Landscape Architects the 2010 Award of Excellence in December.

ICMA Survey: Local Governments Slow to Walk the Sustainability Walk

The International City/County Management Association found that while local governments recognized the need to create sustainability, they generally have not been able to act on that knowledge.

Gilbert Highliands renovation used stimulus funding to make the property more energy efficient.

Renovation Complete, Stimulus-funded Development Reopens in Maryland

Montgomery Housing Partnership transformed a 57-year-old building into a modern, more efficient and affordable complex.

Feds Leverage Tech Know-how to 'Green' 5 State Capitals

EPA, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the U.S. Department of Transportation will provide sustainable design assistance to Boston, Jefferson City, Hartford, Charleston and Little Rock.

Neighborhood design

A 'Prefurbia' Development Solution

In a multi-part series of articles, Rick Harrison, president of Rick Harrison Site Design Studio, will explain some of the problems in land development today and how innovative methods collectively known as "Prefurbia" can help to overcome them.

King County Housing Authority Starts $1.7M Stimulus Project

Funds will be used to lower energy costs in public housing complex and provide jobs.

Dow to Lead R&D for Home Energy Retrofit Solutions

The Energy Department's retrofit project is part of a broader effort to reduce both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and establish national guidelines and standards for retrofit methods, materials and practices.

Watershed Academy Sets Webcast on Houston's LID Experience

On Aug. 11, EPA will explain how a low impact design competition had a ripple effect on Houston's design/build community.

NIRE and TTU have won grants to help solve issues blowing toward the turbine industry.

Texas Technology Fund Drives Wind Energy Research

With $8.4 million in state funding, grant recipients will develop research wind farms and provide services to industry partners.

Solar Laminate Home Meets Passive Energy Requirements

The Lafayette home of Corey Saft, an architecture professor at the University of Louisiana, will serve as an urban prototype that demonstrates a 90 percent reduction in energy usage over homes built to current code.

NYC Building Projects Affected by New Energy Code

The Department of Buildings has launched the New York City Energy Conservation Code, part of the city’s plan to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Lighting, power, and HVAC in new projects or renovations must comply.

DOE Awards Dow Chemical $2.9 M for Insulation Solutions

Vice President Joe Biden visited Midland headquarters to see the company's green tech initiatives, several of which are supported by stimulus funding.

EPA to Assist Select State Capitals in Green Initiative

Letters of interest in the program should be submitted by July 9.

Georgetown University Center to Tap Rain Water Resource

New research center is going for a Silver LEED rating and will use LT Technologies' systems to help achieve it.

HUD to Apply Neighborhood LEED Criteria to Grant Submissions

Housing and Urban Development will encourage smart growth, location efficiency and green communities.

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