HP Inc Unveils Carbon Neutral Printer at Sustainable Impact Summit

HP Inc Unveils Carbon Neutral Printer at Sustainable Impact Summit

Today, HP Inc. hosted a sustainable impact summit in Nashville, and it had some exciting environmental news to share. Not only is it focusing more on recycled materials, but it announced its first carbon neutral printing system.

Mysterious Oil Spill in Brazil Could be ‘Criminal’ and Foreign

Mysterious Oil Spill in Brazil Could be 'Criminal' and Foreign

A recent oil spill in Brazil is covering beaches, affecting wildlife, and causing a national concern—but it’s not Brazil’s. President Jair Bolsonaro told reporters that the oil spanning 100 beaches in Brazil is not of Brazilian origin, but that claim is being investigated.

Greta Thunberg Wins Sweden’s ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ For Her Activism

Greta Thunberg Wins Sweden’s ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ For Her Activism

Global icon and climate activist Greta Thunberg is one of four winners for Sweden’s Right Livelihood Award. She has also been nominated for the actual Nobel Peace Prize, winners to be announced.

Halve Global Emissions by 2030? Experts Say There are Dozens of Ways to Do It

Halve Global Emissions by 2030? Experts Say There are Dozens of Ways to Do It

Environmental experts believe we can still halt a mass environmental catastrophe – if we act fast. Read about the main ways experts say the world can curb emissions.

The 4 Truths of PLA Straws

The 4 Truths of PLA Straws

Whether it be part of legislation or conservation efforts, many brands are switching from plastic to a sustainable alternative, often PLA, without knowing the real truth about the dangers of a PLA straw.

The Sustainable Forest Cooperative: HP Inc. and WWF Plan to Protect Forests

Today, HP Inc. announced its $11 million partnership with WWF to protect, restore, and manage forests in the paper printing industry. Not only is the company making huge environmental strides, but it’s encouraging other companies to do the same.

Beekeepers Versus the E.P.A: How a Pesticide is Affecting Bees

Beekeepers Versus the E.P.A: How a Pesticide is Affecting Bees

Last week, members in the beekeeping industry sued the Environmental Protection Agency over a chemical proven to have negative impacts on bee colonization.

Tyson Poultry Company Facing Significant Fines for Killing 175,000 fish

Tyson Poultry Company Facing Significant Fines

After Tyson’s Alabama facility spilled treated wastewater into the Black Warrior River, thousands of fish died as a result. Now, the river is practically lifeless.

Ways You Can Help the Burning Amazon Rainforest

Ways You Can Help the Burning Amazon Rainforest

The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) recently shared a couple different ways bystanders can help the Amazon Rainforest that is ablaze. The options include supporting both environmental and indigenous communities.

First Female Director Appointed to Head Iowa DNR

Kayla Lyon has been appointed director of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, effective July 8. She will replace Bruce Trautman, who has served as the agency's acting director since May 2018, and is DNR's first female director.

Carnival Cruise Lines Paying $20 Million Criminal Penalty for Probation Violations

"A corporation is responsible to its shareholders and board of directors to be profitable, but not by breaking the law and destroying the very environment in which it navigates for profit," said Ariana Fajardo Orshan, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida. "Carnival's failure to comply with the terms of its probation and, later, its attempt to drown its deceit goes against the fiber of corporate compliance.

DEQ reported that its water quality crews responded on June 6, 2018, to a report of an algal bloom in Provo Bay and collected five samples at various locations at and around the Swede Sportsman Access. (Utah DEQ photo)

New Method Developed for Tracking Water Pollution Sources

"Isotope tools are very powerful to measure nutrients in water, but historically their use has been very difficult, hampered by cost and accessibility. The new technique allows scientists to run more samples and much more cheaply for large-scale studies. I think it is a game changer," said Leonard Wassenaar, hear of the IAEA Isotope Hydrology Section.

NY DEC Announces Design Opportunity for Hudson Communities

"This unique opportunity will help waterfront communities along the Hudson River bolster their resilience by designing innovative projects like floodable parks and flood-adapted buildings," said Basil Seggos, commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

NYC Mayor Ending City's Purchase of Single-Use Plastics

The mayor's executive order will reduce the city's carbon emissions by approximately 500 tons per year, decrease plastic pollution, and reduce risks to wildlife, with the city estimating it will reduce the purchase of single-use plastics by city agencies by 95 percent.

Consent Order Signed as Hawaiian Dairy Closes

The order was completed to address numerous discharges of wastewater containing manure from the dairy to state waters during the past two years that were documented by the department, and it requires Big Island Dairy's owners to terminate their dairy operations.

Virginia Governor Signs Coal Ash Cleanup Bills

"The potential risks to public health and water quality posed by unlined coal ash ponds in the Commonwealth are far too great for us to continue with business as usual," said Gov. Ralph Northam. "This historic, bipartisan effort sets a standard for what we can achieve when we work together, across party lines, in the best interest of all Virginians."

IMO Trains Caribbean Oil Spill Managers to Boost Response Capacity

The March 11-14 course has showcased success stories of several countries in ratifying relevant international preparedness and response conventions, adopting national oil spill legislation, and developing oil spill response capacity.

The Netherlands Ratifies Ship Recycling Convention

Under the treaty, ships to be sent for recycling are required to carry an inventory of hazardous materials, specific to each ship. Ship recycling yards are required to provide a "Ship Recycling Plan" specifying the manner in which each ship will be recycled, depending on its particulars and its inventory.

Survey Finds 18 Million Trees Died in California During 2018

"It is encouraging that the rate of mortality slowed in 2018. However, 18 million trees are an indication that the forests of California are still under significant stress," said Thom Porter, CAL FIRE's director and California's state forester. "The stress of drought, insects, disease, and prolific wildfire will continue to challenge the resilience of the state's forests."

New Leader Named for Gulf Research Program

The Gulf Research Program was established in 2013 as part of the settlement of criminal charges against two companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The federal government entrusted the National Academies with $500 million to enhance human health, environmental resources, and the safety of offshore energy systems in the Gulf of Mexico region.

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