Alabama Town Installs Eco-friendly Water Quality Improvements

Hard water hasn’t been medically tied to health issues, but its high mineral contents can lead to serious infrastructure breakdowns. However, one Alabama town aims to alleviate its water hardness once and for all.

feature pet waste

DNA Lab Aims to Reduce Your Pet's Carbon Footprint

There’s an unsuspecting culprit contributing to U.S. water pollution: pet poop.

How to Determine the Best Solution to Streamline Communication Networks for SCADA Applications

Over the years, there has been a steady stream of new technologies introduced into the water/wastewater market in an effort to streamline communication networks for SCADA applications.

Regional Action Moves United States Toward Sustainability

While the United States has not yet seen national legislation aimed at reducing corporate carbon footprints and promoting sustainability, state and local governments across the country have begun to take bold steps in their effort to protect the environment.

College Football Goes Green

How can the largest university in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, lead the pack in sustainability? Build a green football stadium, of course.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at the Altar

Environmental responsibility doesn’t stop at the recycling bin. Now a day, even the wedding industry has more consumers opting for eco-friendly ceremonies down the aisle.

Dolphins and Sea Lions Report for Active Military Duty

As the nation heightens security measures across land, air and sea; any proposed tactic in the effort to ward off hostiles is being employed – including an elite team of 75 bottlenose dolphins and 35 California sea lions trained to defend the nation.

Achieving a Sustainable Planet Through Intelligent Energy Modernization

This multipart article analyzes and shares viewpoints on the progress of smart grid initiatives specific to achieving the goals of sustainability in the next decade.

Caterer Cooks And Saves Green

Even though many view environmental protection as coming with an extra cost, a California caterer has managed to cut costs tremendously by going green.

Environmental Insurance in a Changing Regulatory World

During these difficult economic times, it is more important than ever for businesses to effectively manage their risk -- in order to survive the myriad of factors that might otherwise undermine their financial performance and threaten their long-term viability.

Case Study: Church Cuts Stormwater Costs by Third With Subsurface System

Engineers create a detention system that follows city mandate to keep stormwater discharge to pre-development levels.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Poses New Challenge for Municipalities

Phase II stormwater permit renewals to require investments in time and resources.

Chemical drum

Making Chemicals Safer

When many people think of industrial chemicals, they think of those scary-looking yellow drums, containing unknown but almost certainly hazardous goo. A new industry initiative, though hopes to change that by giving consumers more information on the chemicals they use every day.

Cleaning Frack Water On Site

Operated at the well head by service providers, turnkey water treatment systems reduce the cost of cleaning frack water by as much as 50 percent

Gotham Greens Lifts Fresh Veggies to New Heights

Gotham Greens, a hydroponics greenhouse facility, sits on a warehouse rooftop and brings new meaning to the phrase "locally grown" – especially atop a 15,000-square-foot manufacturing building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Ambiguity Surrounds the Detection of PCBs

In July 2011, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were detected at Westport Middle School in Westport, Mass. An inspection determined that PCBs from caulk used around the window had leaked into adjoining masonry. Now, the town may need to spend more than $100,000 to remediate the school.

Is Investing in Green House Gas Auditing Companies Worth the Gamble?

Greenhouse gas auditing is predicted to be one of the next biggest global industries as more countries are attempting cut down their carbon footprint and have passed laws requiring corporations to dramatically reduce their levels of pollution. However, serious questions have been raised as to how profitable this industry will be, and whether it is even worth investing in at such an early stage.

Focus On: California's Largest Ultraviolet Water Treatment Facility

With a capacity of treating 315 million gallons of water per day, this new $114 million ultraviolet water treatment facility is now the largest-capacity facility of its kind in California and the third largest in North America.

Water Information Solution Keeps Food Company Cool as a Cucumber

Since Mt. Olive Pickle Company began analyzing its wastewater data electronically, it's seen a host of benefits. The solution saves time, allows better communication and even enables the company to file required reports with the state electronically.

Innovation Leaking Through the Cracks

While water scarcity presents a global crisis, one software-as-a-service company is using technology to reduce water loss through faulty infrastructures.