Encamp Launches First Ever Compliance Calendar

Encamp Launches First Ever Compliance Calendar

Today, environmental software platform, Encamp, announced the release of Encamp Calendar. Now, users can use an organized calendar to stay on top of their federal and state compliance reporting schedule.

Companies have expressed a need for a way to track and manage environmental compliance efforts. Now, the Encamp Calendar makes that a whole lot easier.

Encamp is an environmental, health and safety (EHS) software platform committed to helping businesses achieve their goals while being good for the environment. It recently announced the release of its new Encamp Calendar—the first and only of its kind. The intelligent calendar is the newest addition to the Encamp EHS Suite.

With this calendar, users get an up-to-the-minute view of their entire compliance reporting schedule across the enterprise on a visual calendar that is synced to federal and state EHS databases to ensure accuracy. According to a 2019 survey from the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM), over half of companies cite real-time metrics on performance measurement as one of their top five most important criteria for software selection. Compared to 2017, this this statistic is up 25 percent.

Companies already work to stay on top of their environmental compliance schedules, but it’s not an easy feat. They use spreadsheets, paper binders, and government sites to track and manage EHS requirements. Instead, companies can use the Encamp Calendar to understand, manage, and meet their compliance needs all in one place. This information is organized automatically across every facility.

“Companies broadly know what needs to be done to remain in compliance with EHS regulations. The problem is organizing that information in a way that is visible, actionable and standardized across EHS departments,” said Encamp co-founder and CEO, Luke Jacobs. “Our intelligent, personalized compliance calendar gives EHS teams the tools they need to keep everyone on the same page.”

"I need a centralized location where facility information is spelled out and all in one place,” said SESCO Group Vice President of Compliance and Waste Management, Sam George, J.D., CHMM, “Encamp provides that and is exactly what facilities need to stay accountable.”

EHS compliance reporting doesn’t have to be difficult. Your data and schedules can be all in one place with the Encamp Calendar.