Intermountain Communities Receive Grant Program to Help Connect Them to Rivers

The Intermountain West will begin a new grant program provided by American Rivers that will help to benefit rivers and their communities.

American Rivers has announced the Connecting Communities to Rivers grants program to provide financial support for projects in the Intermountain West that will connect communities to their rivers by creating more family friendly recreational activities while also protecting and restoring rivers and surrounding areas.

“People across the Intermountain West have a strong historical commitment to the open spaces and river sanctuaries surrounding their communities. The Connecting Communities to Rivers grant program will help to support the stewardship, connection and preservation of our cherished hometown rivers and natural landscapes,” said Fay Augustyn of American Rivers.

The grants will vary from $5,000 to $25,000 and will be given to “action-oriented projects that connect people to their rivers through recreation; establish a strong sense of river and land stewardship; and have clear and identifiable community, recreation, conservation, and economic benefits. Projects must be located in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico or Wyoming.”

For more information and grant applications, please click here.

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