Darden School Professor Offers a Green Way to Teach Green

Darden School of Business Professor Andrea Larson has tapped into an efficient and greener way to bring low-cost, high-quality scholarly material on sustainability to instructors and students. Her new textbook, Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is now online at Flat World Knowledge, where instructors can customize and use textbooks that feature a variety of topics. Larson, an expert in the field of sustainability, designed the collection to help instructors teach students about product and service design solutions developed within innovative entrepreneurial ventures in both start-up situations and large companies.

“A new generation of profitable businesses is actively engaged in cleantech, renewable energy and financially successful product system design and supply chain strategies that meet our economic development aspirations while addressing our social and ecological challenges,” states Larson in her book’s introduction. Larson provides frameworks and tools that enable business to re-design according to sustainability principles.

“Through in-depth examination of such sustainability pioneers as Method, Project Frog, Calera, NatureWorks (Cargill) and Frito-Lay, Larson’s book fills a critical gap in the business educator’s tool kit, offering a compelling argument that sustainability must not be presented to future business leaders as a set of expensive obstacles but as an opportunity for innovation and value creation,” according to the textbook’s publisher.

Larson’s efforts were funded by the Batten Institute as part of a desire to create a digital collection of cases and educational materials highlighting cleantech, energy and sustainability innovations.

“This is one of the few sets of integrated teaching material exploring activity at the intersection of entrepreneurial innovation and sustainability concerns,” Larson adds.

Textbooks may be re-arranged to suit an instructor’s syllabus by dragging-and-dropping chapters into new modules. Instructors may even earn royalties for their textbook customizations that become popular.

All Flat World Knowledge textbooks can be downloaded for free. Hard copies are available at affordable prices. The site boasts more than 1,600 faculty users at over 900 colleges.