Webcast to Help Utilities Address High Bill Complaints

On Oct. 21, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) will host a High Bill Complaints – Easy Water Conservation Help for Your Customers Webcast, which will offer advice and tips to utility customer service departments on helping customers manage their water utility bills through water conservation.

Attendees will know more about water conservation, have the ability to respond more fully to typical customer complaints about high bills, know to ask customers the right questions to help reduce high bills and save water, and recognize resources to share water conservation information in a proactive effort to address increasing water supply shortages.

Presenters include Mary Ann Dickinson, executive director, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Chicago, Ill.; Paul W. Lander, executive director, The Dakota Ridge Partnership, Boulder, Colo.; and Vicki P. Westbrook, deputy director, Durham Department of Water Management, Durham, N.C.

For more information, go to www.awwa.org/Education/webcasts.

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