Industrial Scientific to Provide Detection Service

Industrial Scientific recently announced the theme "Don't Buy Gas Detectors" in support of iNet™, a software-based subscription service for gas detector fleets. The company currently supports more than 24,500 gas detectors and 3,600 DS2 Docking Stations™ in 930 iNet customer sites around the world. iNet enables organizations to keep workers safe from gas hazards without actually owning gas detectors.

Kevin Miller, vice president of Global Sales, Services and Marketing, said, "No one likes to buy and maintain gas detectors, but historically, there were no other safe options. Gas detectors look simple and similar, but selecting the right one and setting it up correctly is often tedious. You have to track lots of data—equipment usage, calibration records, sensor life, and most importantly, alarm events. This is painful for most organizations. And, if you don't properly manage your gas detectors, your expenses go up and accidents may happen."

iNet offers customers an escape from the original model of buying and maintaining gas detectors. It eliminates up-front costs and mitigates maintenance costs. iNet offers support from the Gas Detection People, Industrial Scientific employees who have dedicated their careers to gas detection. It also gives customers complete visibility into their gas detection program, including the knowledge of potentially deadly alarm events. Finally, customers do not have to buy the gas detectors. They subscribe to iNet. In exchange for a monthly fee, they receive gas detection as a service.