MACTEC Optimizes Military Recycling Programs

MACTEC Engineering and Consulting of Alpharetta, Ga., was selected by the U.S. Air Force and Reserve Command to conduct recycling program analyses at 19 military installations nationwide, according to a Nov. 11 press release.

As part of the two-year, $1.2 million effort, MACTEC will be conducting analyses of recycling operations at each installation to ensure they are compliant with state, local, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and military regulations; recycling the appropriate items; obtaining the best price for each item; and that recycling operations are being run efficiently and cost effectively. Specific recommendations for improvements at each site will be made. The firm has already identified over $400,000 in annual savings thus far as a result of recommendations to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

“The Department of Defense is focused on recovering usable recyclables and reducing wastes that are sent to local landfills, but they recognize that this must be balanced with the need to operate recycling programs in a fiscally responsible manner” said Greg Pagett, P.E., vice president and Research Triangle Park office manager. “MACTEC will identify methods to improve recycling efficiency at each site and establish long-term procedures to ensure the continued effectiveness of each recycling program.”

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