Tappening Team Launches Ad Campaign

Tappening (www.tappening.com) has launched an ad campaign to further educate people on the virtues of tap water.

The joint venture between New York-based ad agency DiMassimo Goldstein (DIGO) and PR firm, Ericho Communications, was founded by Mark DiMassimo and Eric Yaverbaum.

"We can use our advertising and public relations abilities to un-sell bottled water hype," said DiMassimo. "Typically, people who drink bottled water are doing so because they believe it's superior to tap water, because that's what billions of dollars of bottled water advertising has claimed or implied. The thing is, that's simply not true." Yaverbaum added, "tap water is just as good (as bottled water), far better for the environment, and obviously much better for your checking account."

DiMassimo Goldstein created three ads depicting the harsh realities of bottled water. From the obvious environmental issues stemming from the production of the plastic, to the dumping of millions of empty bottles every year, the ads aim to raise awareness that tap water is simply a more responsible choice.

To show its commitment, Tappening is pouring its profits back into the cause – with a $250,000 media campaign that will include outdoor "wild postings" in the 10 top markets. The budget is being stretched with a "long tail" strategy of print buys in magazines with small and passionate followings, such as "Animal Print," which will have a Tappening ad in its May issue. Ads will also be placed in community newspapers in the top 20 markets.

DiMassimo Goldstein is a marketing strategy and communications partner focused on promoting "health, wealth, and the pursuit of happiness." Ericho Communications is a full-service public relations firm "where green meets the latest that technology has to offer."

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