Stand Up for the Earth Project Under Way

Zurn Engineered Water Solutions of Erie, Pa., a commercial plumbing products manufacturer, is developing an industry-wide green initiative called Stand Up for the Earth. The primary mission of the project is to help organizations reduce their environmental impact and to recognize those that achieve this commitment.

The Stand Up for the Earth partners are working together to help businesses and organizations reduce energy consumption, create more efficient facilities, and preserve natural resources. Green building solutions are not just for new construction – most existing buildings can be easily upgraded and made greener.

Eaton Corp. is the first to join the initiative as a diversified manufacturer of high quality, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly electrical solutions. Zurn and Eaton Corp. will work together to seek additional partners that offer green facility solutions covering all critical areas of sustainable building.

A main component of the initiative is the launch of a Web site, The Web site will promote public awareness and acceptance of green building and its benefits, as well as show developers, property owners and facility managers how easy it is to make their buildings more energy efficient. Another component of the initiative is to showcase green products. Green products such as high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, smart energy systems, and lighting controls will support the Stand Up for the Earth label.

Carl Nicolia, President of Zurn Engineered Water Solutions, said: "Global climate change and water scarcity is a looming crisis. As a manufacturer, we want to begin an active dialogue about green products and energy conservation with other companies in the construction industry. From architects interested in alternative energy products to facility managers seeking a low water-consumption plumbing fixtures, collaboration is what will move green building and retrofitting of older buildings to the next level."

While organizations like the Clinton Foundation focus on 40 cities with area populations of 3 million or more, Stand Up for the Earth is doing its part to help developers, building owners, and managers of large and small facilities across the United States.

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