Environmental Protection

Waste to Energy

SWANA: Monthly Reporting, Phase-in Needed for Proposed GHG Rule

The Solid Waste Association of North America submitted comments to EPA on mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases.

Jefferson Renewable Energy Gets Waste Plant Permit

Ohio EPA has approved the air permit for a $317-million renewable energy plant

GRC Demos Microwave Technology for Waste Conversion

Global Resource Corporation's Patriot-1 has transfomred scrap tires into diesel fuel, methane, pentane, butane, and propane.

EPA Plans Public Meetings for Hazardous Waste Rules

The agency will discuss possible revisions to the Definition of Solid Waste rule and the possibility of withdrawing the Emission Comparable Fuels rule.

EERC Foundation Moves on Hydrogen Fueling System Patent

Energy & Environmental Research Center has developed a system that produces high-pressure hydrogen on demand.

Venture Adds Managers for Plasma Enhanced Melter Gasification

InEnTec Chemical's new facilities will convert hazardous and non-hazardous chemical residuals into useful products and fuels.

King County Taps Methane Gas for Renewable Energy

Decomposing garbage is the feedstock for the methane gas that King County, Wash., plans to use to power about 24,000 homes.

Clean Energy Fuels Taps into Landfill Biomethane

A 15-year agreement will provide fixed-price renewable fuel to Shell Energy North America from Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

Missouri Facility Earns Award for 'Exceptional' Energy Savings

The Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission lowered its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions using a combustion turbine-based combined heat and power system.

Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Plant to Control Emissions

The EPA has ordered the Olmsted plant to comply with the Clean Air Act and controls its emissions of mercury, dioxin, and furan.

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