Environmental Protection

Waste Handling

New Brunswick Landfill Executes GHG Reduction Credits

Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission has registered VER+ offset credits, which allows the organization to sell verified greenhouse gas emission credits.

Clean Harbors to Pay $150,000 for Hazardous Waste Issues

Inspectors found open, unlabeled and leaking hazardous waste containers, among other things, at the Kimball, Neb., facility.

Selective Structures Pleads Guilty to Hazardous Waste Charges

Justice department orders the company to pay an $80,000 fine, nearly $180,000 in penalties and serve more than 3 years of probation for trying to dispose of paint waste and spent solvents in a large pile of sawdust.

Idaho Lab Looks at Lasers for Cleaning Up after Chemical Attacks

In recent testing at the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, INL researchers have been using ultraviolet-wavelength lasers to scrub surfaces clean of sulfur mustard gas and VX, a nerve agent.

Electronics Conference Names ecoATM Innovative Product of the Year

The kiosk system can capture, track, and recycle mobile devices.

TVA's Kingston Coal Ash Will be Stored Onsite

EPA OKs a plan that includes removing ash from Swan Pond Embayment, building a protective perimeter dike, and covering it.

Kansas City, Mo., to Spend $2.5 B over 25 Years to Stop Overflows

After four years of public input, Kansas City has a plan that is expected to eliminate unauthorized sewage overflows.

FWS Awards $12.8 M to 31 States for Sewage Pumpout Facilities

Clean Vessel Act grants help marinas manage wastes and protect recreational waterways.

Northeastern Students Build Waste Plastic-to-Fuel Combustor

Pyrolysis converts the solid, non-biodegradable plastic into a gas, which is then burned with oxidants to generate heat and steam.


Experiment Shows Cigarette Butts May Prevent Corrosion of N80 Steel

Extracts of cigarette butts in water protected steel that is widely used in the oil industry from rusting, even under harsh conditions.

Algal Turf Scrubber Removes Nutrients from Manure Runoff

Microbiologist Walter Mulbry's scrubber raceways collected 60 to 90 percent of the nitrogen and 70 to 100 percent of phosphorus from manure effluents.

HDR Recognized for Work on Gills Onions Project

The American Council of Engineering Companies presents the Grand Conceptor Award to HDR for waste-to-energy project.

Wastequip Showcases Latest Trends in Handling, Recycling

Annual Waste Expo provides venue for the latest technologies and applications

NYC Bill Won't Encourage More Composting, NSWMA Says

The National Solid Wastes Management Association's local chapter commented that reducing the rate cap will not have the desired effect.

EPA Offers Two Alternatives in Coal Ash Regulation

One would treat it as non-hazardous, the other as a "special waste" -- a definition selected to encourage continued reuse.

Grand Jury Indicts Ship Management Company, 2 Employees

The Department of Justice said the charges include environmental crimes, obstruction, false statements, and conspiracy related to pollution control records.

Green IT Recycling

Retiring IT Assets for Green Reasons

Disposing of outdated IT not only helps mitigate environmental risks but also delivers energy cost and productivity benefits.

DOE to Decommission, Clean Up West Valley Demo Project

Phase 1 of process includes the removal of several facilities, lagoon areas, and contaminated soils.

army explosive destruction system

Army Destroys Recovered Chemical Warfare Material

Over nearly four years, the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency destroyed 1,200 munitions, the largest inventory to date.

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