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Drug Testing Reduces Costs and Improves Safety

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This webinar occured on:  April 6, 2011

Substance abusing workers can wreck havoc on a workplace, damaging employee morale, hindering productivity and, worse, placing the safety of others at risk. While there’s a financial cost to workplace drug abuse, that cost multiplies when innocent co-workers, customers and others fall victim to drug-impaired workers on the job. Drug testing has proven to be a powerful deterrent to drug usage and an effective way to eliminate accidents from happening in the first place. To take this one step further, some alternative forms of drug testing, including oral fluid testing, make it possible to streamline the testing process and significantly improve the overall return on investment an employer can expect from drug testing.

This insightful presentation will bring participants up to date on the trends in workplace drug abuse and their relationship to accidents on the job. It will also outline how drug testing addresses those problems and discuss ways in which employers can significantly maximize their return on investment by using oral fluid drug testing.

Bill Current
Bill is a popular presenter and well-known drug testing expert who has worked with hundreds of companies to help them improve their drug testing ROI. He is the author of the book “Why Drug Testing?” and the managing editor of the “Ultimate Guide to State Drug Testing Laws."

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This webinar occured on:  April 6, 2011

Duration: 1 Hour

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