Reducing Energy Usage in Water and Wastewater Facilities

In 2003, a research study by Frost & Sullivan examined criteria water and wastewater facilities use in making purchasing decisions. Out of 12 criteria listed, the overall operational cost, including energy usage, ranked as the seventh priority. Therefore, energy usage has received only moderate attention in equipment purchasing decisions. Recent events are changing how energy usage is perceived, however.

Power and data monitoring give you the ability to determine where energy is being used. This information, coupled with a well-designed energy action plan, can lead to significant energy and cost savings. This webinar will cover various strategies for improving energy usage in your facility: what kind of data to collect, how to benchmark, what to do with and how to apply energy information.

DATE: November 5, 2009
TIME: 2:00pm EST - 11:00am PACIFIC

SPEAKER:Lee Ferrell

Lee Ferrell, P.E.
Lee Ferrell, P.E. is a staff field application engineer and the Water Wastewater Energy and Process Consultant for the Schneider Electric Water Wastewater Competency Center. Ferrell focuses on energy efficiency and reliability for the water and wastewater markets, while working to develop process OEM electrical applications.