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The EPA method, developed with Argonne National Laboratory, will help small gold-processing operators prevent dangerous respiratory exposures from the mercury used in the process.

U.S. EPA Mercury Capture System

Oct 30, 2013

This video describes a solution to the severe health risks caused by mercury emissions from small-scale gold processing. Small scale gold buying and refining facilities, or gold shops, located in more than 55 countries throughout the world, are an important part of the artisanal and small-scale gold production process and are a major cause of air pollution from mercury. EPA and Argonne National Laboratory worked together to design a low-cost mercury capture system that is simple to build and install, using locally available materials. The system reduces mercury emissions by at least 80 percent. For more information about the Mercury Capture System, go to www.epa.gov/international/toxics.

Duration: 5:00

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