The Halliburton Baroid Ecosystem-Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner for Oil-based Cuttings

Environmentally Responsible: used at the source of the drilling waste, the TCC can eliminate transportation costs, minimizes crane lifts associated with skip and ship operations, and reduces excessive manual handling improving HSE benefits over other thermal options. The TCC unit can be fueled by the recovered base oil and the recovered oil not used as fuel can be added back to the drilling mud for reuse. It has the smallest footprint for throughput (6MT/HR) in the market. Mechanical action is applied directly to the drill cuttings via hammers that create friction which causes temperatures to rise above the boiling points of water and oil. Once these temperatures are reached, hydrocarbons are removed from the solids to an acceptable disposal limit (less than 1 percent oil on cuttings). The oil and water vapors that remain are then fed through the TCC condensing system and recovered separately as heavy oil, recovered light oil, and recovered water. Learn more about Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner for Oil-based Cuttings here: