A General Services Administration tool suggests that bamboo flooring is not sustainable because its production has social impacts on labor and requires transit energy. The material also contains little to no recycled material and can negatively impact ecosystems and indoor air quality. Do you include social impact considerations when determining sustainability?

It depends
I haven't given it a thought


Fri, Feb 18, 2011 Straightpath

There is no way that bamboo flooring and furniture that is made up of resins and glues, highly processes, and then shipped by rail, truck, and cargo ship 5000 miles is more environmentally sustainable that American softwood. This is another scam!

Wed, Feb 16, 2011 Ernie Harper, CSP, DABFE Boise Area

It isn't a negative impact if the user wants a bamboo floor. If fact if it helps support some poorer worker with wages commiserate for their country or area, why would the egocentric GSA think it bad socially! So it can't be recycled! Big deal. Who knows, maybe ground bamboo will blend with newspapers to make a great cat litter. This is kinda like calling CO2 a pollutant or defining it as hazardous. Dumb and way too much of an extreme environmental excess!

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