Green Living

Green Living

If you’re aiming to make your life a little less harsh on the planet, you’ll want to consider cutting your energy use and the matter you’re contributing to landfills, not to mention the chemicals you keep in your home. Almost every decision you make matters.

But retailers everywhere are advertising sustainability, green products, energy-efficiency – how do you cut through the marketing hype to live a responsible life? Several organizations, including the Rainforest Alliance and Underwriters’ Laboratories, have developed standards that rationally evaluate the claims and practices of retailers, companies, and other organizations.

Blog Posts


  • Community Shared Solar with Solarize

    This August 2012 U.S. Department of Energy video provides an overview of the concept behind The Solarize Guidebook, which offers neighborhoods a plan for getting volume discounts when making group purchases of rooftop solar energy systems. more

  • Seed Project Allows People to Plant Seeds and Create Art Across the Planet

    The Seed Project is a global environmental installation where people plant seeds creating individual art projects around the planet. more

  • Green Bottles

    CNBC reports on the importance of using plant-based materials, as opposed to plastics, for bottling. more

  • Green Footwear

    Georgia-based Okabashi footwear is 100 percent vegan made from recycled materials. Okabashi shoes and sandals typically last two to four years, are machine washable/dishwasher-safe, and are 100 recyclable. more

  • Fair Trade Products

    Sales of Fair Trade products increased by approximately 75 percent in 2011. more


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