If you own a car now, would you trade it in over the next five years for an electric vehicle if your community had ample charging stations?

Yes, if the price was right
No, I can't see this as a viable option
I don't know


Tue, Jan 18, 2011 Ron

I'll never buy an electric vehicle until the limited range / long recharging time problem is solved. A medium range vehicle is fine, but I can't afford both a commuting vehicle, and a second vehicle for longer trips.

Fri, Jan 14, 2011 Straightpath Southern California

Your article notes that the cost to fuel an electric car is about the same as a car that gets 36 mpg. Yet my 36 mpg gallon car cost $14,000 new, and the electric car costs $3 *** And the electric car has a toxic nickle battery that must be replaced every 5 years, at great costs. My car will run 250,000 miles and then I can do a full engine rebuild at half the cost of a new battery. That 250,000 miles will be about 10 years of driving. In that time I would have bought 2 new and expensive batteries. I will never recover the 100% additional vehicle cost, plus the increased taxes paid, vehicle license fees, and insurance. Its a bad business decision, and one I wont make. If the electric vehicles start to be sold for less than $14,000, it may make sense.

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