Fluid Components International

ST100 AirGas Flow Meter

The ST100 Series Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) is available in a remote mountable configuration, for applications in hazardous areas or hard-to-reach locations. Its remote mount transmitter, with optional digital display, can be mounted up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away from the flow sensor using interconnecting cable. It measures, displays and transmits the industry’s most extensive array of parameters. It is available with 4-20 mA analog, frequency/pulse, alarm relays or digital bus communications such as HART, Fieldbus, Profibus or Modbus. The ST100 Flow Meter features a unique graphical, multivariable, backlit LCD display/readout that brings new meaning to the term “process information”. The standard on-board data logger features a removable 2-GB micro-SD memory card capable of storing 21 million readings.