Mar 11 - 13


Due to the increasing climate variability and more frequent industrial accidents over the last few years, the issues like emergency, rescue-, safety- management and control attain extreme significance for the Region of South-East Europe. These topics will be considered as a NEW SECTION in the SE European Environmental Exhibitions & Forum that will be held in 2015 from 11 to 13 March in Sofia, Bulgaria. The objectives of ‘Save the Life’ are to increase the awareness of the international disaster experience and to transfer the knowledge of international response systems and coordination mechanisms. It will help for better teamwork capability in the rescue teams and sharing the existing know-how. South-East Europe felt nearly all types of natural disasters in the last years. They have cross border effects and can potentially threaten entire areas in neighboring countries. The concept of disaster financing will be also discussed. The society demand for information on natural hazard risks has grown explosively in recent years. The event scope includes: Emergency Management and Control Vehicles Equipment and Services for Predicting Technical Support Equipment Earthquake Engineering Urban Planning First Aid - Special Equipment and Services, etc. Rescue and Safety Personal Protective Equipment Occupational Health; Hazardous Waste Treatment Surveillance and Signaling Technologies and Equipment Explosion Protection Radiation Protection Noise / Vibration Protection Air Purification Electrical Safety Transport Safety Ergonomics, etc. Insurance and Risk Management