Jul 15 - 16

Hampton Inn & Suites Providence Airport

Upon seminar completion, one will be able to: • Understand auditing terminology; • Understand the differences in the processes for internal, supplier and third party auditing; • Understand the factors to be considered in establishing an integrated auditing system; • Design and document an integrated auditing system; • Develop an overall auditing plan for a given time period; • Develop an individual audit plan recognizing the "compliance-based" or "effectiveness-based" audit objective, the "risk-based" or "non-risk based" audit scope and the "system-based" / "program-based", "performance-based" and/or "results-based" data collection techniques; • Lead the performance of any individual audit, step-by-step, in detail, from the entrance meeting/pre-data collection meeting to the issuance of the audit report and entry of the findings and opportunities for improvement into the problem reporting and corrective action tracking system; • Assess the effectiveness of the integrated auditing system.