Apr 18 - 20

DoubleTree Hilton Nashville Downtown

Day 1 of this course will take you through the SPCC regulations as they stand today in (40 CFR 112). We will walk you through a history of SPCC into an in-depth look at the regulations. We will then take you through the developing and implementing your SPCC Plan and inspecting your facility to assure it is compliant with SPCC regulations. Last we will dive into the pros and cons of an Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP). On the second day we will take your through a history of Storm Water regulations and then into the sometimes perplexing storm water permitting process. Next we will walk you through developing your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) and lastly, wrap up the day with a discussion on Minimum Control Measures and Best Management Practices (BMPs). Group exercises on SPCC and Stormwater Planning will wrap up on Day 3. Join us for this important seminar and come and network with environmental professionals from around the U.S. Bring your family and make a vacation out of it! Course Topics: Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA90) Clean Water Act (CWA) SPCC and Storm Water Regulatory Overview SPCC Planning SPCC Inspections Integrated Contingency Planning Storm Water Permitting SWP3 Planning Minimum Control Measures and Best Management Practices (BMPs) Compliance Auditing