May 11 - 12

North Orange County College District

Our One-Day GHG Management Briefing - May 11, 2010 is a comprehensive briefing on current GHG management issues. You will receive not only presentation of timely subject matter information but most importantly, through an open discussion forum, you will gain knowledge and insights into how these developments impact your current operations, your near-term obligations, your long-term risks, and how you need to anticipate and formulate responses. The one-day briefing can be followed by our One-Day Preparation for GHG Verification Training - May 12, 2010. Upon completion of this intensive training, you will understand the requirements of GHG verification programs and develop an appreciation of how they impact your organization and activities. Further, you will have the knowledge and skill to construct a GHG inventory management system from identifying requirements, setting boundaries, developing inventory, conducting verification, to final reporting and disclosure. Our two-day course combines the briefing day with the two day to give you the complete package GHG Management and Verification.