Mar 22 - 24

Holiday Inn Airport South

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Module 1 (March 22) Background and Overview - For individuals new to GHG verification, this course serves as a preparation for understanding the requirements of The Climate Registry’s program and protocols. Learning will cover objectives in key areas of awareness, including: • Understand The Climate Registry reporting and verification mechanisms including the role of Verifiers and the Registry; and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of third party review in protecting the environmental integrity of the Climate Registry and any future associated Emissions Trading/Offset Mechanisms. • Describe relevant protocols, guidance and supporting criteria. • Describe the implications of relevant International, US, and other standards of relevance to GHG accounting. Course Outline: o Climate Change Policies in Context o Summary of Legal and Regulatory Landscape Governing GHG Emissions in North America o GHG Inventory o GHG Reporting o GHG Verification o Emerging Supply Chain Requirements o GHG Management - How Do You Position and Response? What will you gain? This is one-of-the-kind comprehensive briefing on current GHG management issues. You will receive not only presentation of timely subject matter information but most importantly, through an open discussion forum, you will gain knowledge and insights into how these development impact your current operations, near-term obligations, long-term risks, and how you need to anticipate and formulate responses. Module 2 (March 23 and 24) • GHG Emissions Inventories – This class is designed to give organizations and their advisors an overview establishing a robust emissions inventory. The protocols used will be based on the California Climate Action Registry (now called the Climate Action Reserve), IS0 14064, and the internationally recognised GHG Protocol established by WBCSD and WRI. Topics include: o GHG Reporting Principles o Reporting Entities o Defining the Boundaries o Scope of GHG Management Systems o The Gases o GHG Programs and Inventory o Emissions Sources o Industry Sectors o Writing Emissions Reports o Reading and Interpreting Emissions Reports • GHG Emissions Verification – This class is designed to address North American Emissions Schemes such as those based on The California Registry's (TCR) General Reporting Protocol as well as the European Union Emission Trading Scheme, and other emerging mandatory accounting, reporting and trading schemes. Topics include: o Verification 1 - The Assurance Engagement o Verification 2 - Planning a Verification o Verification 3 - Conducting a Verification o Verification 4 - Evaluating and Reporting Verification Findings o Prepare for an External Verification o Uncertainty o Materiality o Assurance o Carbon Markets o GHG Inventory and Financial o Reporting - Carbon Disclosure vs. Carbon Accounting What will you gain? On completion of the two-day intensive training, you will understand the requirements of various GHG programs and develop an appreciation of how they impact your organization and activities. Further, you will have the knowledge and skill to construct a GHG inventory management system from identifying requirements, setting boundaries, developing inventories, conducting verification, to final reporting and disclosure.