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GE Conducts Water Reuse Survey

In order to combat water scarcity, resuable water has become a growing concern. In order to find out how Americans feel about reusing water, GE conducted a survey.

Here are some of the details from the survey:

· Eight out of ten Americans (83%) are concerned about the availability of clean water for the future, as well as quality (83%).

· Seven out of ten (70%) Americans feel the US would have a competitive advantage over other countries if we increase the amount of water we reuse in a safe and efficient manner.

· Eight out of ten Americans strongly support using recycled water for most non-drinking uses. 80% or more were in favor of using it for Power Generation; Landscaping; Industrial Processing and Manufacturing; Toilet Flushing; Car Washing; and Agricultural Irrigation.

· Over half (51%) were in favor of swimming in recycled water. Nearly one-third (30%) support drinking it—and half of Americans agree that it is drinkable (51%).

Americans who have a higher understanding of their water supply are more likely to believe recycled water is drinkable and support it for drinking use.

· Of those that are knowledgeable about where water comes from, eight out of ten (81%) support using recycled water for drinking.

· More than three quarters of Americans (77%) feel water scarcity is a national issue (59% believe it is a local issue)

· Eight in ten (84%) feel that protection of water resources should be a national priority.

· More than seven in ten Americans feel that decisions to protect water resources are the responsibility of both national (73%) and local (77%) governments.

· Eight out of ten Americans (83%) are concerned about the availability of clean water for the future and 7 out of ten (73%) are concerned about water scarcity.

· Three quarters (75%) agree that reusing water combats water scarcity.

· Nearly half (44%) of Americans would immediately pay more on their current water bill to ensure that future generations would be less vulnerable from water shortages.

Respondents see significant role for utilities and power companies to reuse water.

· Nine out of ten Americans (90%) believe it’s important that utilities and power companies protect water resources.

· Nearly nine out of ten (87%) Americans are in favor of using recycled water for power generation, more than any other application.

· Three-quarters (76%) have a favorable impression of Utilities and Power companies that reuse water.

So, what do you think? Do you think reusable water is drinkable, and would you be willing to drink that water? Water scarcity is something to raise concern, not only for this generation, but for years to come. Do you think both local and national governments should be more involved in finding solutions to reusable water?

Posted by Lindsay Page on Oct 25, 2012

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