Anthropogenic Global Warming

The AGW Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

I have been called on to report on the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory. Trouble is, I'm not sure where to start.

Tim Minnich of Freehold, N.J., commented on a poll we posted asking for feedback on EPA Administration Jackson's recent greenhouse gas endangerment finding. He specifically asked us to report on AGW.

Reporting is asking a lot of questions of different sources. Which ones do you trust? Which ones in this case don't have a political agenda or economic interest, either way, in the regulation of greenhouse gases?

Those vocal readers who want me to do this won't trust anyone in the U.S. government because they think the Obama Administration has an agenda (don't we all have one?). What if I contacted a published author who wrote on climate change six years ago in Science magazine and he just happens to work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? The co-author of that article is not a government employee but a researcher who works for a consortium of research universities; would his perspective be any less questionable?

Please feel free to weigh in on this.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Dec 16, 2009