We Can Do This

The energy emanating from Ed Begley Jr. was positively charged as he addressed a standing-room-only meeting of environmental converts during the Live Green Expo in Plano, Texas last Saturday.

As far as Earth celebrations go, I think it was a success.

"Recycling is the gateway drug to environmentalism," he said, capturing laughter and hope in response. Begley traced his personal journey toward a negative carbon footprint, which he said, was accomplished over time in a fiscally responsible way, just as the nation and industry should be doing.

In his Living with Ed television show, Begley and his wife play off his desire to experiment with their home, trying solar water heating, rain barrels, and a fence built from recycled milk jugs, and her need for normalcy.

The great thing is Ed seems like a normal guy who is sensible and into science, not some Hollywood hotshot who lives a glamorous life. He admitted that his house recently underwent an energy audit and only did "O.K." As an early adopter, Begley has not been able to take advantage of new technologies, such as thermal imaging cameras, that pinpoint gaps in insulation or less than stellar ductwork, for example. This revelation only helped to enhance his credibility.

"We can do this" he repeated more than twice, encouraging his audience to pick the low hanging fruit and then to continue picking from the higher branches to make a difference. The audience started applauding, stood up, and kept applauding. Maybe we can do this…?

Just so you know, Begley flew to the Dallas area from California but purchased credits to offset the trip. He drove to the meeting in a Toyota Prius and was seen maneuvering a Segway into the building.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Apr 20, 2009