Useless Efforts

1.Don't launch a product or service that purportedly is green on or around Earth Day/Month. You will be floating in a sea of marketing that is the size of the pre-global warming Pacific Ocean. No one will be able to find you.

2.If you want to capture the imagination of your targeted audience, be sure to mention ROI. It's a magic acronym in these economic times. Everybody wants to ensure their investment will be invested well.

3.Don't use the name USELESS when you mean Use Less. It's confusing.

4.Think about sustainability —which really means think about the future, for which there really is no measurable ROI. I have been wondering about how we are harnessing methane from landfills to provide energy at the same time that we are recycling, composting, and urging citizens to use less (USELESS?). What happens when the landfill gases are used up and there's no more waste (is that possible)? Similarly, what happens when California's and Florida's water sources run dry?

5.Know the science but try to stay outside of politics. There's a reason people say politics are polarizing—you will get a chill from one side and heat from the other, diminishing your potential habitat, er market.

Got a tip to add? Send them this way, and we will all get a chuckle this Earth Day/Month.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Apr 20, 2009

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