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Hey, I'm tryin' to develop a community (imagine a New Jersey accent here. I don't have one; I just love accents).

I'm tryin' to be relevant on the World Wide Web (what an awesome goal).

Everyone likes to know how they're doin' and how they can be better. I posted a survey on to find out the Environmental Group's progress since we relaunched the site last year.

What do you need more of from Environmental Protection?
Breaking News 28%

Feature Stories 19%

Case Studies 44%

Products / Technology 3%

Opinions 6%

I see from the responses that visitors claim to want more case studies, then news.

I want to believe that most of the respondents to the survey were not people representing companies interested in getting free marketing from the site. I'm not opposed to providing some press, but my goal is to build a community, right? Do you really need more case studies, more how-to articles? I can do that but I really need to hear that from you.

So won't you tell me…puhleease.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Jul 28, 2008

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