Questions for the Candidates

We develop polls on our sites to engage visitors and get a feel for what the Environmental Protection community is thinking.

What would you like to ask the presidential candidates, McCain and Obama?
Is your environmental focus on air or water? 4%

Do you expect to ramp up regulations and enforcement? 10%

Are you in favor of the marketplace sorting out solutions rather than the government mandating particular methods? 29%

Will anything environmental really change if you are elected? 57%

In a recent presidential candidate poll, site visitors seemed to realize that the bottom line is: What, if anything, is going to change after January 2009?

The problem with polls is that you have to respond to someone else's idea of a proper question. I would like to turn the tables and open the floor to you. Please e-mail me the questions you want McCain, Obama, and others to answer, and we will present these to the campaigners and package their responses online before the November election.

What I think doesn't really matter as much as what you think. So, what do you think?

Send your candidate queries to Lisa Williams.

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on Jul 28, 2008