A Day for Water Workers

At my son's elementary school, there is a day to recognize the work of administrative staff, a day to bring flowers to teachers, and even a day to celebrate parent volunteers.

I don't think there is any recognition program for the people who ensure that our drinking water is drinkable. I'm talking about the operators, shift supervisors, and managers. Sure, I pay my water bill (and in the business we all know it is a bargain) but that really is not sufficient. It's not personal. Or even big enough.

These people are in the trenches, and we expect them to do a good job, and I would say (OUT LOUD) that they do. I know the work is good because I can go to the tap, drink the fluid that comes out, and not feel any ill effects.

So, because no good work should go unrewarded, we should consider creating a day to send e-mail notes, cards, maybe even flowers to those unseen people.

That may be part of the problem. We don't see them, don't know who they are. Maybe, if they wouldn't be too embarrassed by the attention, their mugs should be posted on city or department Web sites, and we could get to know them like we know the postal or newspaper carrier or the coffee vendor at the office.

I feel the urge to contact my water treatment plant and schedule a visit. I've been meaning to go on a tour and get acquainted with the staff. Seems like there's no better time than during Drinking Water Week.


Today [May 15] we celebrated the water and wastewater heroes in Boise, ID. We opened the Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center - the first of it's kind in Idaho! If we want students and citizens to understand the value of water and the hard work conducted every day to provide clean, plentiful water - we need to showcase the people and efforts that make it all happen. The more than $3 million facility and high-tech interactive exhibits at the Boise WaterShed will provide the showcase and educational opportunity. The facility is a unique partnership with the city and a non-profit fund raising organization - receiving grants and donations from all levels -- citizen, foundations, businesses and governmental agencies.
Catherine Chertudi, Boise Public Works

Posted by L.K. Williams, EPonline on May 08, 2008